Meet Blob

Blob is the name I gave Honey’s cancer. We were initially told that he presented as a shadow. I hadn’t gone to MD Anderson with Honey that day. I went to work. His appointments were always very routine… MRI on Monday, appointment with neuro-oncologist to be told all is well on Tuesday. Well, on March 29th he had an MRI that I did not feel at all good about. Since we had started dating I’d never had any doubts about what the results would be. For some reason, I was nervous and tense on the 30th. I would leave work for a cigarette during lunch and usually called Honey at that time just to chit chat. Well, that day I was too worked up to be pleasantly social. I wanted to know what his doctor had said. Honey prefaced his response to my questions with a, “this is probably simply an affect of the MRI, but…” Something shadowy was near the cavity from his prior craniotomy.

How can an MRI show a shadow? What does that mean? Why couldn’t Honey tell me specifically what was going on? To whom must I call to get more informatoin?

Honey was told to sit tight and wait. Another MRI would be administered in two months. How was I supposed to wait eight weeks to find out what was going on? Really? The rug had been yanked out from underneath me. I’m (a bit of) a control freak and I could not be in charge of our current situation. Two months is forever. I’m pretty sure it was forever and a day for the people who had to deal with my weepy, bitchy self during that block of time. I’m sorry, by the way and thanks for being strong for me (you know who you are).

I went to Honey’s next oncologist appointment (on my birthday – just so you know). His second MRI showed that Blob was very slowly gaining definition. He appeared to be an underachiever. No problem to deal with. Honey had had a crainiotomy before, for sure thay could just open him back up and scrape that cavity again, right?

We would find out as soon as we could get in to have an appointment with the neuro-surgeon.It took another month and another MRI before we had our appointment with his surgeon. This was the appointment in which we would find out what course of treatment would be taken to defeat Honey’s cancer (I thought). Unfortunately, we had to wait another month, get yet another MRI and THEN get a treatment plan. Well – here we are at the beginning of the summer. This is where things really start to get interesting. However – to do justice to the story, I must come back later. Now I am going to hang with Honey. He has been slowly increasing the volume on the tv in an effort to distract me.



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