Not the post I thought I’d be writing next

In my mind, that would have been the one about what I think love is and is not. That one’s gonna be a doozie when I do get to it though, so check back.

This one is about my prediction for Blob.

Background info for this story:

  1. I met Honey at church
  2. I knew I was going to marry him within an hour of meeting him
  3. I then failed at stalking him for the following month and had to get stupid drunk on Valentine’s Day to give him a reason to get all chivalrous and what-not so that I could have my way with him
  4. It worked
  5. My friend, R (I’ll not likely mention him again, but it would make him happy that I remembered his part in all of this) told me of Honey’s cancer before I drunk-trapped him – so stop feeling sorry for me. I knew what I might be facing. Kinda. Well, not really, but you get it.
  6. I knew then that I would have Honey for at least five years.
  7. I have an eerie way of knowing things that I might shouldn’t know (If I say I know something, even if I can’t explain it, I am usually right).
  8. Honey knows my five-year prognosis (just in case you are wondering)
  9. I had never worried about test results prior to that March one.
  10. I was very anxious prior to the Columbus Day appointment
  11. I was ambivalent for the most recent MRI – the one that indicates that Blob is “stabilizing” (more on that later – it is a story unto itself)

Anyway, I am pretty much tuned into what is going on with Honey at any given moment and right now I am not feeling the way I would like to. I shouldn’t be feeling trepidation, I should be feeling a lightness in my soul that is a reflection of the health and wellness of his being.

I don’t think carbo/avastin is going to do the trick for Honey. I think that whatever they try next (looks like another oral chemo with the avastin) will be the ticket to actually stabilize Blob and maybe even knock Honey back into remission. I believe that before Blob can show his nasty self again, there will be new developments in the field of gene therapy and THAT is going to be the ticket to getting Honey healthy.

I am still on the five-year plan. Looking towards the 10 year mark.

Every night, just about bed time, I thank The One that I will have Honey here tomorrow. I intend to have oodles of tomorrows.


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