The Evolution of Blob

Dear Hearts,

This one is going to be quite a read. It details the history of Blob through my facebook status updates.

Crazy – who needs to journal anymore? Oh, but wait, we do still do that only now its called blogging. Silly me.

I still like giving and receiving “real mail” (you know –> the kind without windows) but for practicality this rocks. I feel a little archaic holding on to my blank books.

Who amongst us has had to tell their children, “when I  was a kid, we didn’t have cable, never-mind internet! And we thought Pong was amazing.”

 May 2011

  • 05/25   Ok. Honey’s MRI is today. Lets see what this neurotheology thang has to offer. Please send energy and prayers for a cancer free brain. Thanks so very much. Love you all
  • 05/30 Thank you all, my wonderful, wonderful friends (and fam). My birthday was fantastic ~ I basked in the love all day.
  • 05/31 Honey’s MRI results: “Blob” has grown 4 mm. It is now large enough to biopsy (1.1 cm) and a referral to a neuro-oncologist is pending. I am now actively soliciting prayers and positive energy. BL has got me pondering neurotheology and I’m wanting to have all our bases covered. Love you guys….

June 2011

  • 06/03 Honey’s appointment with neuro-oncologist on 6-15. Thanks for all your prayers and well-wishes. Please keep sending love, we are stockpiling it.
  • 06/05 Just wanted to say that with all that is going on, we are doing quite well. Really. We have a great support system, fantastic insurance, awesome friends and family. We are coming at this from a position of strength. Just sayin’….  ♥”
  • 06/06 I really like the sentiment on this tee shirt. It seems the importance of hope and faith to well-being keeps coming up lately. Go figure…”
  • 06/09 Honey sent me this link. He likes to make me cry.”
  • 06/14 Neurosurgeon in the morning. Will let you know what he has to say. Honey says I’m only allowed to ask questions if I use my “nice” voice. Wish me luck… High levels of anxiety don’t lend themselves to successful usage of nice voice.
  • 06/15 Anyone who received Honey’s email this morning… he was being snarkey cuz people have been asking how he’s doing. I am fine(ish) Do Not call or email b/c you are concerned about me. I dont have time to reassure you this week. Check back next week if you are still worried. Thanks. Love you. Really. Now kinda leave me alone, okay? Good
  •  06/24 Holy Crapamolie! This has got to be the world’s largest marimba – and it plays “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” Absolutely Fan-freakin-tastic!”
  • 06/28 Neuro psych (?) exam and MRI for Honey today, tomorrow is functional MRI and the visit with the neurosurgeon. Remember the Talking Heads song “Road to Nowhere“? Am feeling like we’re on it
  • 06/29 Functional MRI done but not read. Contrast MRI showing Blob a little denser, maybe a little bigger. N-surgeon gonna talk w N-oncologist, looks like surgery in the 3rd week of July. Honey is out having a drink. I could use one too
  • 06/30 Today, lets all love abundantly and smile with reckless abandon. Lets forget our hurts, our slights and our grudges. Lets do this just for today – and if tommorrow you want to go back to the way you were yesterday – well then at least you had the chance to see what life could be like without carrying around a lot of negative baggage. Lets do this, shall we?

July 2011

  • 07/02 It has been more than a month of Sundays (literally) since I have been to a Red Sox game. Thank you, Honey, for getting us tickets. Could only be better if T could come with us. Sad, but not sad enough to not go…
  • 07/17 We do not have souls. We are souls; we have bodies. ~ borrowed from Jeffa who saw it some place else entirely ♥
  • 07/19 Blob officially renamed Tumor. He will be physically evicted from the premises on Thursday with extensive long term fumigation to follow likely. Appt w exterminator (neuro-surgeon) tomorrow afternoon. Expect updates as we get them
  • 07/20 Exterminator not evicting pests. Going to try to control/contain w chemo & will operate when/if physical manifestation of symptoms gets more significant than localized seizures. Kinda like waiting for support walls to collapse before tenting for termites if you ask me, but I’m not the exterminator and nobody asked me.
  • 07/23 In Austin for the weekend, vanquishing (sp?) cancer at every turn
  • 07/27 Sometimes I wonder if I am motivated by inspiration or if that is just momentum.
  • 07/28 Add to the “Fun and Games with Cancer” category: set Honey’s cell alarm to Boogie Go-Go for his noon chemo reminder. Laughing so hard I’m crying. Or something like that
  • 07/29 Insurance company denying Honey’s chemo drug. Twice. They say (essentially) that brain cancer is not an approved diagnosis for this drug. We have 5 workdays left to get this cleared up. Nice.

August 2011

  • 08/01 Last night we had cool cucumber avocado soup, swiss chard with orange & cranberry and middle eastern chick pea burgers on pita. It all tasted good and I cooked it – thats right, me. …I know, huh?
  • 08/03 Carrot & beet salad with citrus dressing, oven fried chicken and couscous with pine nuts. T ate the chicken and told me I was a better cook at our old house. Yah, cuz I was the queen of frying up turkey dogs and driving thru take out. Nice
  • 08/06 Are we really down to only a week and a half left of summer vacay for teachers? How did the WHOLE summer get away from me? I’ve gotten tons done, but nothing that was actually “on my list” to do. Life’s like that sometimes, huh?”
  • 08/07 Take ahold of your hankie before you watch – the saddest scene on “The Big C”
  • 08/09 Today’s the day. Happy Anniversary. One year ago we were in Vegas getting married… Wow – has it ever been a long year. Feels like we’ve crushed a whole lifetime into these past 12 months. Looking forward to what the next 12 months hold in store for us –> I am sure they will be chock full of growing and bonding moments……
  • 08/12 Just got a call from a friend @ the grocery store. Lady next to her in line is on chemo & says everything tastes like cardboard. K held up the line while I pulled out #TheCancerFightingKitchenCookbook and quickly referenced the appropriate course of action to remedy said culinary crisis (sea salt &/or lemon) Go, SuperCancerCaregiver, go
  •  08/20 Honey admitted to Memorial Hermann The Woodlands. Stroke? Some other cancer related issue? Asking for prayers
  •  08/21 Hospital food (including the coffee) apparently sux. Off to Starbucks and What-a-Burger for Honey. Good thing I learned how to cook, huh?”
  •  08/21 My fathers house has many rooms (John 14.2) and I am doing all I can to ensure that Morgan’s name is being spoken in each and every one of those rooms. Honey is in good spirits, he is “enjoying” playing with his left arm (which he can’t feel). He tosses it up in the air and says “wheee” when it falls back down to his chest. The Big Jerk
  • 08/21  Honey has a lot of his mobility back – just no feeling. Has had his MRI but we’ve not seen results (nor a neuro-surgeon for that matter). It is my expectation that there will be a move to MD Anderson (if not home) within the next very few days
  • 08/21 Heads up! It wasnt a stroke. It was a stroke-like physical manifestation of an effect of the tumor. A “TIA” I believe the doctor called it. Something stroke like that last less than 72 hrs. Sorry ~ repeating myself. Sorry… T’s staying at his dad’s place and Big T is bringing him to school tomorrow. Cool, huh? T is excited…. and a little nervous about the possibility of being late…
  • 08/22 Honey is home. Watching news talk tv. It’s like nothing ever happened. Such a good thing I was already grey-haired.
  • 08/27 Want to get inked tonight. For Honey. Anyone wanna come? After whatever else you have plannef for the evening?

 September 2011

  • 09/02 Honeys had another seizure. MRI today. Next MDA appt on Tuesday morning. Other than that, work is frantic and time marches on, time marches on…
  • 09/06   Wake up and smell the wild fire, Folks. Prayers to Magnolia and Waller. On our way to MD Anderson for Honeys 6 week check in.
  • 09/06   Honey home on disability for at least the upcoming 6 weeks. Give him a call, stop by to say, “hey” (pace yourselves), maybe take him to coffee? Anyway, he’s home and he can’t drive. Thanks Friends.
  • 09/15 left-side dead/ as Carpenter ants bore thru gray matter/ chemo going as planned (a Honey original)
  • 09/16 Honey lost his left side in another seizure Wednesday evening. Damn, I wish he’d take better care of his stuff.
  • 09/16 At St Lukes with Honey. Expect we’ll be here for the duration. Will update as we learn more.
  • 09/16 Honey being admitted to St Lukes cuz no beds are available at MDA.  So he’s here in The Woodlands until further notice.
  • 09/17 Rep from MDA came by. MRI unchanged. Waiting for oncologist & neurologist to come voice their opinions. Honey in pretty good spirits. Me? I’m exhausted, thanks for asking. ♥
  • 09/18 Quote of the day: “damn those fast growing cells – chemo’s kicking me in the balls.” (honey @ 9:40 AM 9/18/11)
  • 09/19 Honey should be getting bonus points, the high number of episodes he’s been having… They say he can come home if her can go 24 hrs without a seizure. Fingers are crossed.
  • 09/19 Trying yet another med for seizure control. (cuz thats been working so far) When Honey can go 24 hrs w/o incident, he can come home.
  • 09/19 Found out Honey “forewarned” the ICU staff about his colorful wife and her anxiety…. And here I was all impressed w my ability to not totally alienate these people…. Nice
  • 09/20 At home getting T off for the bus (1st morning catching it and we had to RUN ** some things never change **). Now to find my glasses and head back to ICU. If Honey goes just until his neurologist shows up without incident – he can come home today.
  • 09/20 Home again, Home again. Jiggety jig. Left L’hotel Ste Luc about an hour ago. Settling back into our own space. Must retrieve The Baster from The Dozer’s place. Thanks, All, for the hope, prayers and visits. You are soooo appreciated!
  • 09/22 Honey’s back went out this morning.He has an appointment for a 90 min massage in an hour. I have an appointment for a 60 minute nap coming up in about an hour and 10 minutes.
  • 09/22 Ambulance w Honey in it just pulling away. Waiting for T’s bus, then back to l’hotel Ste Luc. Woot.
  • 09/22 Honey given 10mg of knock-ya-off-your-ass pain meds. Off to x-ray. Hoping this pic is suitable for framing…
  • 09/22 Xray didn’t show anything of any consequence. Honey given Flexeril and Norco 10 (I know, huh?!?) enough to last 4 days. If back still bothersome in 3 days ER doc said get MRI. Think I’ma call MDA tomorrow just to be on the safe(r) side…
  • 09/25 Honey still immobilized. You’d think that would make my life easier….. Calling MDA tomorrow to schedule an MRI. Hoping this is just a really badly pulled something-or-other. Kinda worried it might be something more. Good thoughts/prayers are still much appreciated.
  • 09/27 This is a test. This is only a test. If this were an actual emergency you would already be caught up in the mass panic. #justsayin

October 2011

  • 10/18   I know I should love #chemo and hate the cancer, but sometimes #ChemoSucks as much as #Cancersucks. But I love Honey, so #KickItChemo
  • 10/20  Waiting in dr’s exam room, Wondering where life’s music is. (Status usurped by Honey)
  • 10/25  All is not well in Gotham City. The evil menace continues to grow despite our hero’s valiant attempts to conquere the beast. The commissioner has requested the assistance of The Forces United to Kill Cancer (FUKC). Tune in next week as Aqua Man and Super Man team up to take on the Mutant Lesion and the Swollen Edima – IN THE RING-ING-ing-ng
  • 10/30 We interrupt your regularly scheduled Sunday for this important announcement: cancer doesn’t care if the Texans are in the lead. Cancer lives in the NOW!
  • 10/31 Anger is so much easier than sadness.  #justsayin #cancersucks

November 2011

  • 11/01 First day, new #chemo (#Avastin) at #MDATheWoodlands. Fingers crossed that Honey is in the 2/3 of people this works for. #cancersucks #MDA #nuuc
  • 11/02 Honey had a headache. I think its a brainache. Waiting (not so) patiently for chemo to shrink swelling. And yes, #cancersucks today too.
  • 11/29 Very positive appt w neuro-oncologist today. Swelling in edema down, lesion appears significantly decreased in mass. Thanks guys, we didnt do this alone. Your prayers helped so much.

December 2011

  • 12/07 Honey’s #PlateletCount is finally trending up. At 36 right now. Must be at 100 to get next round of #chemo.
  • 12/08 Sometimes it is difficult to accept that the life I imagined is not the one I’ve got. Adapting isn’t easy.  #WakeUpAndSmellTheRoses
  • 12/13 Honey had 2 seizures today. Didn’t think we’d travel the same path back to ok. 1st was 10 min. Almost 2 hrs into 2nd. @northwoodsuu
  • 12/14 Still actively searching for Honey’s left side. No mobility this morning. Screw the platelets, bring on the #chemo cuz #cancersucks
  • 12/14 Just realized I am gonna have to help Honey get changed for his MRI. This is the very definition of love. #cancersucks
  • 12/14 Honey in MRI. Still has no mobility on his left side. Got an hour to wait. Maybe I should move the car to a lot less than a mile away…
  • 12/15 Funny, when Honey is trying to use his left hand to do anything, I find myself talking to him as if he is 2. #tbi #cancersucks
  • 12/16 Honey’s in for a rude awakening. Platelets back up to 99. No more cutting his food for him.  He can shave again. Still waiting for dr. to show. Been in the little room after the waiting room for 2 1/2 hours now
  • 12/16 Chemo on Monday. 25% lower dose. MRI shows growth in Blob. Aggressive Bastard, Blob is now at #stage4. #cancersucks #Honey @northwoodsuu
  • 12/23 Look what I found! Felt the need to look & this was waiting for me. #FourLeafClover #MaybeThere’sHope
  • 12/23 Okay, new rule: do you remember Kenny’s fb note about what is needed in a in a time of mourning? It applies to crisises too. Don’t wait for me to get in touch w you, you need to call/text/show up, whatever but dont wait for me to take the initiative. I can’t right now. But that doesn’t mean I dont want to. I need you to step up, please
  • 12/26 We had the best Christmas ever so far. All three kids, nobody cried (cuz they were upset), gifts totally appreciated (apparently I chose well this year), Honey able to join us for the entire day – (he was misserable, but he stuck it out) – and the kids have this memory to hold on to.

January 2012

  • 01/02 We’re a go for Avastin. No carboplatin this time
  • 01/10 #CancerHoeDown ~ Grab ur pardner, jump in line. Take 2 steps frwd and 1 behind. Hold’em close & do-si-do, #ChemoWorks but #PlateletsLow
  • 01/10 Blob again looking fit and trim. But 1/2 life of carboplatin is not in sync w nadir of platelet production. (look it up) Dropping next dose of carboplatin another 10% & more bloodwork on Friday
  • 01/16 Thx 4 offers 2 donate platelets for Honey. Talking w MDAnderson tomorrow. Will let you know more when I do. Sorry for whining yesterday.
  • 01/21 Reading article on cost of #LongTermCare for #cancer. Death doesn’t care about med. bills or insurance. Why do I do this to myself?
  • 01/21 Dear Hearts, Honey is not in need of platelets at this time. However – MDA and other hospitals are ALWAYS short platelets. They do not have to be of any particular bloodtype – but if you are willing to donate – go to any red cross/blood bank ask if the platelets can go to MDA or where they are likely to go if not there. I am pretty sure if we pay this one forward, karma will provide platelets when/if we are need
  • 01/24 Avastin today. More blood-letting on Fri then hoping for #Carboplatin on Mon. #GoChemoKickCancersButt
  • 01/31 Newly adopted twins, Soren & Carl. Morgan wanted some of “his own” babies. The things I do for love.

February 2012

  • 02/04 FYI: Honeys platelet count dropped 14 pts from 111 to 97. No carboplatin last week. Hoping for the 7th.
  • 02/08 I am surrounded by the sick (T has a cold) and weak (Honey got a double dose of chemo yesterday – Woot!!). This is so not what I thought my “retirement” would be. But still comfortable to have both my main Y-chromosones home for an “indoor clothes” kind of a day.
  • 02/25 new blog post. “Pulling The Rug Out From Under Me or No Shit, This Is For Real”
  • 02/26 8:16 AM on Sunday morning. Already awake after only 5 hours of intermittant sleep. Off to forage for coffee and kolaches. Wish me luck.
  • 02/26 Brain Cancer trumps Fibromyalgia (every time)

March 2012

  • 03/04 Have you checked out Honey’s book? It is a compilation of his poetry representative of his 20s. Very cool.
  • 03/08 Blood work done Tuesday. RBC levels down (marrow damage from carboplatin?) Platelet count at 47. More blood today to see if he is trending up or down. I suspect down…

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  1. geekyg1rl says:

    Wow Jen. What a ride.

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