You Take The Good, You Take The Bad….

You take them both and there you have the facts of life, the facts of life

**for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction**


Good Things About Cancer

  1. Added Soren and Carl to the family as Honey “needed” cats that act like cats to make him happy
  2. Have become more comfortable in the kitchen and expanded my cooking portfolio
  3. I have so much more time spend with Honey
  4. I’ve quit smoking cigarettes
  5. I get to spend a goodly amount of time at consignment stores
  6. My weight gain went to my boobs and butt first
  7. Honey and I are sharing an early retirement while we are both on disability
  8. I don’t have to commute to work (gas prices would likely break me)
  9. Handicapped parking placard makes the mall experience way more palatable
  10. I have grown spiritually through this experience
  11. I have had the invaluable experience of learning who my friends are
  12. I have plenty of time to be creative and get involved with art of some form
  13. I get to take a nap nearly every day
  14. My hands and nails are looking mighty fantastic now that I have time to care for them
  15. I am caught up on all the shows I follow
  16. I get extra alone time with T when I drive him to and from school this has become a nice ritual
  17. I have learned that The Baster can still be washed in the kitchen sink (saves >$30 per wash)
  18. I have had enough time away from work to stop coloring my hair and discover my natural color
  19. Better living through pharmaceuticals
  20. So many opportunities to make my own rainbows and search out silver linings.

Bad Things About Cancer

  1. Kitty now turned  feral bully at home; even getting pissy with The Baster
  2. I now have to cook meals for the picky-eaters club
  3. I stress about not having enough time to spend with Honey
  4. I now have a muffin-top
  5. I’ve gained the weight my mother has been threatening me with for as long as I can remember
  6. It costs upwards of $50 to purchase a size 32DDD bra
  7. This is not the jet-settin’-old-lady-with-a-way-too-big-RV retirement I had expected
  8. I am currently the only driver in the house and my Ford eats gas like its candy
  9. Honey can’t walk from the car to the store without losing his breath
  10. I have had plenty of time to reflect on the many ways I have been utterly stupid in the past
  11. I have had the invaluable experience of learning who my friends are not
  12. I have absolutely no motivation
  13. I only ever sleep this much if I am depressed
  14. It really hurts to scratch an itch with fingernails you have forgotten you have
  15. I don’t have any tv series to look forward to this summer when it will be too hot to go outside
  16. Parent pick up lines at elementary schools are the worst kind of traffic imaginable
  17. Have you ever tried to wash a cat in the sink? Washing The Baster is slightly easier than that.
  18. My hair is super gray (well maybe silver is a better name… who’m I kidding? Gray is gray).
  19. Dry mouth, fogginess, being tired and weight gain – the side effects of pharmaceuticals
  20. So many puddles to stomp through and clouds to walk under

2 thoughts on “You Take The Good, You Take The Bad….

  1. Jeffa says:

    You are an amazing and beautiful human being, and you are married to an amazing and beautiful human being, and you are both helping each other to become even more amazing and beautiful human beings. Who would have thought you would find so much utterly weird stuff along that path? I can think of nobody better suited to the challenge of walking it, and nobody more deserving of its rewards. I love you so much, and I’m proud to call you my friend.

  2. nenn1146 says:

    We gain support from the myriad amazing and beautiful human beings in our world. Love you, Darling. I am tickled that you are proud of me – there was a time (about a decade or so ago) when that was not so much the case. So glad I have had the opportunity to become closer to the best me I can be. xoxo

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