Best. Sister-In-Law. Ever.

Honey’s sister GG, is visiting from the UK.

She arrived on Saturday the 28th.

I have been blessed.


Because GG arrived on Saturday, I was able to go to the state capital to rally against the War of Women.

I absolutely would not have felt able to day-trip were she not going to be here.

Then, when I arrived home after almost 12 hours away, I found that the fairies had visited.

The dining table was free of clutter, I could see the counter-top on the island (peninsula).

I had to check to make sure I was actually in the right house….

Today the sister-fairie took Honey to his MRI appointment downtown, freeing me up to do nothing all day.

She will be coming with us to see Honey’s Neuro-oncologist tomorrow morning.

(I am so seriously hoping that we have an uneventful appointment – for her sake if nothing else)

Following our appointment at MDA, GG and I are planning a day o’fun.

When she visited last (in December 2011) she wanted to take me to get a girlie-mani-pedi, but I was rather down in the dumps and didn’t quite get the energy up to do much of anything.

Totally my loss.

I shan’t make the same mistake again.

This time, I will force myself to do something relaxing.

Sadly, GG is going “home” to the UK on Thursday afternoon.

The house always feels so empty after she leaves.

She brings a lightness to Honey’s countenance.

He loves his “big” (older) sister.

So do I.


One thought on “Best. Sister-In-Law. Ever.

  1. geekyg1rl says:

    Glad that you had such a nice visitor come and take care of you both and that you were able to go to the rally. How was it? I’ve been telling all my Canadian friends and relatives what’s going on. They have no clue.

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