Another Cancer Update ~ early May

I hate it when people ignore their blogs. I never think that folks might be busy, I automatically go to a glass half empty place… (trampled by a herd of elephants trying to escape the mouse conference)

Luckily, there is no worse case scenario here. I was simply unable to get on my lap top from Friday night til now.

It was a family weekend. All three boys were playing Wizards 101 online. They were actually playing well together (G on the desktop, T on the laptop, and C moving between the two of them) It was such a peaceful change of events that I was loath to interrupt their good time.

Spock taught us that “The good of the many outweighs the good of the few.”  This is true especially if “the many” are children and “the few” is an adult who has only one nerve left and who’s children are dancing upon two.

Honey had his most recent MRI and check in last week on Monday. His sister, GG took him downtown for his MRI.  On Tuesday we all three went together to visit DrC, his neuro-oncolost.

So, DrC was talking with us, explaining the recent MRI results as compared to the previous images.

It seems that Blob has met a wall of sorts. He has been fairly stabilized for the past four MRIs and that is good. It appears  that the establishment has finally found the best dosage combination of carbo and avastin to stop Blob’s growth.

There is a bit of a wrench in the works however.We have known from the get go that Honey can only take carbo up to 13 times as it destroys bone marrow after that. He is up to his 7th (?) go-round with it. I am a little bit anxious to see what will be next after carbo…

DrC informed us that he has another immediate plan to get at Blob. Honey will be taking a double dose of an antibiotic daily in conjunction with his chemo. Apparently, the antibiotic works with the avastin to do something beneficial to Honey and bad for the cancer.

The conversation in the consult room went something like this:

Me: So how long have they been using this antibiotic to treat cancer?

DrC: They haven’t

Me: So who discovered that it would be beneficial to supplement chemo with antibiotic?

DrC: Me.

Me: Oh

Me: Does this mean that his birth control may be jeopardized?

DrC: Huh? Wha? Oh. (chuckle)

Honey (after the fact) :You know, he works here for a reason… He can do that because he is an  absolute researching genius.

So, I’m off to buy some probiotics for Honey in the hopes that I can keep him, his flora and fauna balanced and as healthy as possible in the face of all of this other stuff.

Have I told you before that

We have been very lucky and

We have been truly blessed.

Love you (and DrC)

~ Me


2 thoughts on “Another Cancer Update ~ early May

  1. Shari Wood-Merriam says:

    Yes, you have been blessed to have Honey and the 3 boys in your life. But they are surely blessed, too, by having you at their backs. You are such a wonderful support — smart enough to ask the right questions, and warm enough to give kisses and make everything ok. (ok is a relative term.) Love you and your blogs.

  2. Jeffa says:

    You are both blessed and a blessing. I’m so happy that you are coming out in July for a weekend of peace and love in the sunshine, so happy to share it with you both. Love & kisses & warm, sweet thoughts.

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