My Perfect Mother’s Day

…actually started Saturday night when Honey and I hunkered down to catch up on the last few episodes of House.

I’m not sure which one of us fell asleep first, but that’s probably means I did…

At any rate, I slept great and was awoken (the first time) by a kiss from my son at 6:47 this morning. Sweet.

The second time he woke me up was an hour later when he was hungry for breakfast. Not so sweet…

I should have known then that something was amiss. Honey usually keeps T from waking my weekend sleepy self until at least 8:30…

I probably would have zone-walked to the kitchen, made my locally famous carnation instant breakfast and gone right back to sleep had I not noticed Honey’s obvious absence from the sofa.

I asked T if he knew where Honey had gone; his response, “out.”

Ummm yeah, thanks.

I went outside to pick up the paper (and check for Honey) and noticed that my car was missing from the street.

I breathed a major sigh of relief because the Ford is a very heavy, gas guzzling automatic and I knew that, at the very least, Honey would be safe while out and about. I figured he had gone to get Starbuck’s and was anticipating some coffee and banana bread (standard Sunday fare) when he returned.

I was settling in to reclaim some of my Sunday morning z’s when Honey came in the door with Dunkin’ Doughnuts! For me!


He had driven all the way to 1960 to get them. Granted, it is only about 20 minutes from home, but that’s way outside our normal travel radius.

He got me 2 apple and 2 lemon filled.

This may have been the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received.

He loves me that much.

Then, T accompanied me to church this morning and actually went to children’s worship. This almost never happens – he usually wants to stay for the sermon which doesn’t bother me unduly, but it was great to not have anything to focus on during the sermon except the sermon.

The Mother’s Day God(ess) was showering me with the love this morning.

Then, as I sat down to write, Soren came over to sprawl out on the right side of the laptop, then (you won’t believe this, but) THEN Kitty climbed on up on the recliner to sleep on my other side. (I know, huh? Crazy.)

There has been no arguing or crying by any of the mammals in my home today (two or four-legged).

I always thought my mom was being silly or off-the-cuff when she would say that all she wanted for Mother’s Day was good kids. Now I totally understand the awesome wonder of a day of filled with peace.

Love you (and lazy Sundays)

* belay that– Kitty just realized Soren was here and the fur hit the fan….

It was nice while it lasted.


4 thoughts on “My Perfect Mother’s Day

  1. Shari Wood-Merriam says:

    I love your blogs. It is great to see such a happy one! Happy Mother’s Week. OK, I fudged a little, but wouldn’t that be nice? Donuts every morning for a week?

  2. geekyg1rl says:

    Nice to have a feel good day Jen!

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