Playing the Cancer Card

I woke up on the couch this morning with a killer migraine. Drank some water, vomited and then went upstairs to sleep until 2:30 this afternoon.

It’s now 3:00 AM and I am sitting here watching season 2 of The Big C.

Odds are good that I am going to be up for quite a while now. Seems a good time to check in.

I’ve been meaning to  get around to talking about playing the cancer card. In the beginning, when Honey first came out of remission, his cancer was the only thing that I could even begin to focus on. I would introduce myself to people like this,”Hi, my name’s Jenn and my husband has brain cancer.” or I might let slip with something like this, “Yeah, I liked that book. Did I tell you my husband has brain cancer?”

I am better now, but I think that may have more to do with the fact that I’ve told everyone and their brother about Blob rather than having anything to do with my becoming more acclimated to the cancer or anything.

Anyway, the cancer card is only supposed to be drug out for dire emergencies, like getting the last doughnut or as an excuse for being late for work. Since I am not going to work now I haven’t had any real opportunities to pull it out. Sad…

However, last week, at the Northwoods rummage sale, I totally had someone hand me that chance on a silver platter. (I love it when that happens.)

There’s a new guy at church. Actually, there are two new (single) guys but this story is only relates to one of them, so…  New guy, church, rummage sale (and man, did we have lots of good stuff to rummage through). Amidst all the other wonderful junk was a new(ish) walker. You know the kind that comes equipped  with hand brakes and a seat?

So, there I am, checking out the walker when New Guy comes around and says that HE should buy it quickly before someone else comes along and grabs it. I told him that I had dibs on the walker and, Silly Man, he said that he expected he would need it way before I will.

I’m telling ya, that’s like throwing down the gauntlet. I couldn’t help but take up the challenge. I asked him to tell me why he thought he might have a greater need than I and he started in on how his dad had diabetes and something something arthritis something something else. I let him go for a little bit and then said, “Hmmm, really? Cuz my husband has brain cancer.” He stuttered a little and backed off the walker as another one of our church family members started scolding me about how blah this is not supposed to be a contest blah-blah

But guess who took the walker home.

Love you (and winning)

PS  ~ All the best of what didn’t sell last week is available for purchase in the garden room today. Check it out.


3 thoughts on “Playing the Cancer Card

  1. cynthiabeard says:

    Came across this via a friend, and I must confess that I am chuckling at your “cancer card” because I know it all too well from when I was caring for my mother who had a variant of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), a debilitating illness for which there is no treatment or cure. In case anyone is wondering if IRS agents are capable of being nice, compassionate human beings, the answer is yes. I have no idea if they are as mean as most people say they are, but I do know that walking into an IRS office and introducing oneself with “Hi, I’m here on behalf of my mother who couldn’t come in here herself because she is paralyzed and on a ventilator” works wonders.

    Best wishes, and I pray that you continue to find humor in the journey!

  2. Reblogged this on Get outta my head! and commented:
    Wow! Another person that follow’s “The Big C”. It’s a small world 🙂

  3. […] there. A blog by a woman named Jen whose husband has a brain tumor especially spoke to me. Playing the “cancer card” is not far removed from the “I’m sorry officer I didn’t see that stop sign […]

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