the leibster award

All y’all know I take obligation seriously. If I tell you I’m going to do something, odds are 99.75% that I will do it. (Yeah, that’s right, .25% of the time, I’m just simply NOT going to follow through… Well, really, I probably will follow through, but I like to give myself some wiggle room.) I’m not quite as bad as Dr. Sheldon Cooper when working out my interpersonal debts, but I think I run a pretty tight second.

So I blame my good friend Bohemian Geeky Girl for my being incommunicado for the past couple weeks. Actually, that would be too easy – she simply set me about a task; I choose to use that as an excuse to not come here.

You see, Bohemian Geeky Girl awarded me the most-sought-after blog award available today. Apparently the Liebster Award is a way of supporting other new bloggers with fewer followers, in recognition of their efforts and to promote and circulate their little known, but great work. Part of the award is to “pay it forward” by passing the award to five other “smaller” blogs, and linking them to your own blog.

Then, if you can believe it, I was Leibster’ed by Cynthia Beard, another of the five that GeekyGirl had nominated. Awesome (amount of weight on my shoulders – ‘cuz now I have to choose 10 blogs to pay it forward to…).

I am returning the award both to Bohemian Geeky Girl and  Cynthia Beard hurtling through space to keep the love flowing. Seriously, I would be including them anyway and it does take two off my total due… Let me tell you about these two wonderful women.  The Geeky Girl is like conscious-streaming the thoughts of every girl who loves Dr. Who, knows the difference between Star Wars and StarTrek and has participated in at least one live action game…. Love her.

Cynthia Beard, is writing from point far further down the road (I hope) of a caregiver to  someone with long-term care issues. Her mom passed away a year ago. No joke, it is tough to read her work, but I know that I need to hear what she has to say. Ya’know? And she writes in a style that I can relate to – no easy task, I guarantee.

Other blogs that I am following cover a pretty wide range of topics. However lately,  most of them are larger blogs that seem to be being published in book form. (I believe there is a certain level of irony in this factoid.)

I have been following From Two To Five Overnight for a couple of years now. The author is one of my former classmates. The blog began as an attempt to keep family and friends in the loop while she and her military husband were overseas on deployment. It became so much more. K shares their struggles and joys while adopting three young children and acclimatizing to being a family of five.

Another of my favorites is Single Mom Survives. She has been off-line for a couple  of months now, but I hold out hope that she will return. She dishes with beautiful honesty about all things single-mother-y. It doesn’t hurt that she was raised up in the area of TX we are in by her mom and her partner. Just makes me like her all the more.

Trailer Park Karma, penned by my dear friend The Trailer Park Bodhisattva is a guide-book for living off what you have. She amazes me on a regular basis. She actually gets paid to write. Crazy, huh?

Mean Moms Rule is another keeper. Sometimes, living in the glut of niceness that is the land south of the Mason-Dixon Line, it is nice to  bite into a little snark every once in a while. Actually, most of the time.

This next one I realize isn’t probably a smaller/newer blog although I wonder if it actually does get 200 readers each month, but is one that I follow regularly. UU Parenting is sometimes over-the-top (in my opinion) regarding staying on the right side of the PC-Line – but it does offer some viewpoints on the harder social justice issues that we are faced with today. Usually opinions/viewpoints that I am not too likely to hear unless I actually am at church…

I lovelovelove thxthxthx. It takes me less than a minute to tap into my daily dose of appreciation. I like that. I find it helps me to redirect my point of view. Nice.

In direct opposition of thxthxthx, would be Things I Want To Punch In The Face. I don’t think I really need to take the time to let you know why this particular blog appeals to me. Do I?

I hope that I have been able to turn you on to some new reading materials. I hope you will be as affected by them as I have been.

Love you (and receiving recognition – thanks)





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