Off The Grid

Honey and I are on vacay in Portland.

Just spent 4 days and 3 nights “camping” at Zumwalt while we attended Oregon Country Fair.

Forgot my phone at home (again). Am using Honey’s for emergencies like locating friends in the fair…

Honey seems to be holding up okay. He stayed at the camp grounds on Fri and Sat – but joined us on Sunday. We used him to get alter-abled access parking and shortly after we parked, he was taken to the front of the fair by a bike-taxi.

This is all good.

We got Honey a wheel chair because his femurs have been hurting (he expects this is a result of the carboplatin) and we were ready to rock-n-roll. Silly me. One does not “rock-n-roll” while pushing a wheel chair over unevenly compressed dirt paths.

So, we were there just long enough and went just deep enough into the fair for Honey to see The Dress he wanted to get me. I did the try on thing, it looked great, we purchased it, put Honey back into the wheel chair and headed for the exit.

Honey was concerned. This morning he asked if I had had a good fair. I had to tell him that they are all good, and they all have a different dynamic. Would I have preferred it if he came to the fair with me every day? Yes. Would I have preferred to go with my husband to the fire pit and dance to the drums over staying and hanging out at our camp? Sure. Would I choose to do either of those things on my own rather than spend time with him? Not a chance.

We are all okay. Existing under the radar for a few days.

Here is the latest update on Blob: Honey had chemo (both avastin and carboplatin) the day before we flew out to Portland. Luckily they also gave him a drip of something that controlled his nausea for about 5 days. Unfortunately, it has worn off. This does not bode well for our flight home, but I am pretty sure we will survive. We may even live to laugh about it.


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