crying? theres no crying in baseball.

so here i sit in the atlanta airport

spending the night.

nothing open for food or bev in my terminal.

vending machines but im 50 cents short

have to catch train to main baggage claim to get anything

get 12 oz mr pib for 2 dollars 25 cents

cant take it back through security

fother mucker

sit outside of security to drink bev before hoping the train

enter young tsa employee who thinks his iron on badge makes him tough

tells me i cant sit there

i ask why

he repeats  his message

i say i am just finishing my drink before i pass through xray again

he repeats his message with an insolent and scolding tone

i try to get up

not fast enough for him

i slip and fall on my ass as im standing up

he is still being a snot

i am getting  emotional

i was supposed to be in houston hours ago

my t came home from his dads today

honey has all 3 boys and am becoming unravelled

i dump my drink in the trash

get to xray

put carryons on conveyor belt

walk through the scan and set off the fucking alarm

why cant things be easy

at this point i have started to hyperventilate

i had rolled with it all day.

no fussing no complaining

i understand that things happen and being nasty wont help me any

i understand that i am spending the night in atlanta


2x i have ever had to sleep at airports.

both were here


finally get through security

ask for the name or badge number of rudeboy so i can write a letter

he tells me to go tell his supervisor right now

i start to walk over and

he races me like a 6 year old who wants mom

to listen to why it was his siblings fault before his crying sib gets there

starts in on he didnt do anything yada yada yada

i am not saying his directions were out of line

i am however saying that his rudeness  was totally uncalled for

i was the only passenger there

i was doing nothing that warrented such treatment

then to top it all off

i left my id and bording pass back there

so i couldnt even leave graciously

** note: I do realize that his stupid iron-on transfer TSA patch does make him kind of a big deal there – but it did not change the fact that he was a mean little shit.


2 thoughts on “crying? theres no crying in baseball.

  1. Dorothy Kennedy says:

    A few more nights like that would help curb your wanderlust, I’m guessing. Hope you are soon at home, sweet home.

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