Enemy Of My Enemy

I was looking at some ABTA information….

Y’all have been asking about this virus thing and Honey’s getting referred back to the neuro-surgeon and all sorts of things that I didin’t really address all that well in the August six-week check in.

To that end, I have found a very recent news-clip that pretty much explains what is happening here right about now. (give this a coupla’ moments to synch-up before viewing)

We are waiting to see if the FDA will approve Phase Two and if Honey is a good candidate for it.

From what DrC has told us, DrL’s “treatment” is the only thing that has shown to be curative of GBM in mice. Every treatment available prior to this was palliative only.

So, fingers crossed for all to happen in good time and in good health.

Love you (and MD Anderson Cancer Center)

*oh, hey, I tried to link this video two different ways – pretty sure at least one will work.


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