Update on “Playing the Waiting Game”

Well, I guess we won’t have bigc to wait for anymore.

Honey had just gone to pick up the oldest


He is not supposed to get the oldest on Tuesday until next week.

I screwed up – when he told me he was getting 10, I didn’t think – I just let him go.

His phone is still here – so I can’t call him.

Called the boys’ mom to see if she can get the school to call Me when he gets there.

I screwed up big time.

I was thinking about getting T off to his dad’s

and whether the toddler I’m watching will sleep til her dad gets here

or not

fuckety, fuckety, fuckety, fuck

I hate this…..


Anyway – back to the update

BigC just called on Honey’s phone (sparked realization of schedule snafu)

To let himknow that they were terminating his employment today

And that they are sending a letter to this effect tomorrow

But that they (h.r representative) was calling to pre-inform us.

She didn’t want us to be surprised.

His benefits will continue until the end of September

And the nwe will see what’s what.



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