Return to Avalon

It seems like just a year ago that we were visiting L’hotel Ste Luke

Oh, hey, wait – it was.

Well – here we are again; hanging in the ER, waiting for a room.

Honey had two small seizures while driving to pick up the boys earlier

His ex called to let me know; he had forgotten his phone (again) and I was needed.

I was having a bit of a time trying to find a ride south to get him – but then providence smiled and CJ was walking by his (silenced) phone just as I was calling in. (phew)

We loaded ourselves into his car and were off.

Honey seemed pretty okay when we got to him (granted, he’d had nearly 45 minutes to wait for us) so we decided to go stop for Chinese food on the way home. Honey’s favorite Chinese restaurant is right there and I thought he probably had earned a treat. We were getting comfortable with our menus when Honey informed us that we would have to be getting our orders to go. He had been having a minor seizure that was transitioning to major status. I remember that the waitress was really pissy about that and that Honey was being awfully loud.

Fast forward 30 minutes – we are on our way home to drop off children who couldn’t have been happier that CJ was going to slumber party with them. Scoop some Chinese food into Glad-ware lidded bowls to bring to the ER with us and we were on our way.

We arrived at the ER at about 8:00ish. His seizure activity finally stopped at 8:35. He had a small reprieve and then he began to experience numbness in various places along his left side.

When we got behind the locked door into ER purgatory , Honey continued with the gregariousness thing he was working. I kept telling people  this was not normal behavior for him – but I didn’t say he “is having a personality flip” – instead I worded it as, “my introvert is behaving like an extrovert” – apparently I am sometimes the only one who understand myself. Honey explained his own neurological differences. Amazing.

All this time Honey has been having steroid induced ALF-like hiccups so badly that I considered finding him a cat. (google it)

While I’m thinking about cats, his Cat Scan guy was like Joey Lawrence at 25 cute. There were silver linings to be found – even in this gray fog.

When he was leaving for radiology, he told me that I should call all the sister-wives together. I got quite emotional. Then – right at that moment, one of the SWs called. She came to hang with us while we waited for a long-ass time (by the way) and brought warm socks and Dr Pepper.I felt so loved and cared for.

At about 1:00 AM, Honey was admitted to IMU (intermediate unit) which is located in the ICU area. I think he is even in the same room we were in last time.

The nurse up here made it quite clear that I would not be sleeping in the comfy bed in ICU – however there are love-seats in the waiting area for those who are brave of heart… Not me this time.

I will be going home, probably not sleeping, feeding the menagerie in the morning (kids and animals), and then coming directly back here before 8AM to get in to see Honey as soon as visitors are allowed.

I asked his nurse to write my phone number on the whiteboard and a note saying that I will be back first thing in the morning so that he knows what’s happening.

There doesn’t seem to be anything more that I can do beyond spell checking, posting and then heading home.

Love you (and warm socks)


5 thoughts on “Return to Avalon

  1. Kathryn says:

    So many hugs for you right now!

  2. Shari Wood-Merriam says:

    Well Damn! Damn, Damn, Damn! That’s all.

  3. susan simpson says:

    We love you

  4. Dorothy Kennedy says:

    Not fair! Boo, hiss and then some…

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