A Good Day,Good Day, Good Day, Good Day

Today is going to be a Good Day. Or at the very least, a better day.

It pretty much has to be. Yesterday was NOT a good day. Yesterday I was tired. I was scared, I was angry, I was hungry, I was miserable; and I wanted everybody to be miserable with me.

Today, I have had at least twice as much sleep as I had yesterday. (Still not nearly enough, but it helps…). Today, I have experienced the joy of caffeine prior to trying to interact with others. Today I have an idea of how my schedule might unfold. Today, I feel like I have some control.

This may all be an illusion – but I am okay with it.

Last night, after settling back in at home with the three Y-chromosomes, we all kinda fell apart. I got T and C down after a little family tv and minimal drama, then it was just the oldest & me. We settled into a little more viewing time and planned on an early bed-time. None of my plans came to fruition yesterday. Sent G up to get ready for bed at 9PM. Right after he closed the bathroom door behind himself – he broke down. Wracking sobs coming from upstairs disturbed the restful silence that I had expected. Called him back down to talk and attempted to meet his immediate emotional needs – only to be informed that I was totally reading him wrong. Apparently he had a sore throat in addition to lack of sleep, frustration and a very stressful day. Before I fully believed that he was coping with physical AND emotional issues, I got out the flashlight to give him a look-see. Yeah – his tonsils looked scary. Like T’s used to before they were taken out.

Gave G some cloraseptic spray and a lozenge. Recommended a shower and sleeping in our bed to help him settle in for the night. Then, I had no one to worry about but myself and I was way too done to do that. Tried to catch up on season 8 of Weeds, but last night was apparently another off night for BigCorp. We were missing internet and exfinity. It is a good thing Honey is no longer employed by them – now we can actually complain about things not working OR take our business somewhere else. If any of y’all  can help us figure out the most cost efficient way to have internet,  wifi, and tv – we would really appreciate your assistance. Our kids are accustomed to being able to watch Power Rangers and Dragonball Whatever-Kai; so we need access to such things. Honey is currently obsessed with MSNBC as well. Should we bundle? Is that too lemming of me? Help….

Anyway – my plans were to get up super early and get on up to St Luke’s to check in on Honey before church. Got child-sized face masks for G (and the other two) on our way north. G didn’t seem too concerned about having to wear the mask until the youngers wanted to as well. THEN it became a major ordeal b/c they were doing what he was doing and that near to took him over the edge before it was even 9AM.

But it is going to be a good day. We must remember this.

We saw the full spectrum of nurses, internists and neuro-guys in the hour and a half we were there. Information disseminated; Honey to be discharged after confirmation of MRI having been forwarded to MDA downtown. We love that there is an MDA consultant up here in the woods. It makes our lives just enough easier.

At 10:40, we left for church – G & C’s mom was to meet us there at 11:00 to pick them up.

Routine felt good. It was my Sunday to be a Greeter. It really helped a lot to have a comfort zone to snuggle down into. It also helped quite a bit that the toddler I have been sitting for spent the service sitting with me. Toddler cuddles rock. Out loud.

The Rev’s sermon was about Human Nature and Growing. Something I could relate to without making me cry about it this week. This is a Good Thing.

T and I left after church to go see if Honey was ready to be sent home. We parked all close to the exit and went on up to his room only to find he had already left. His nurse told us that he had gone home with a friend. Funny – I couldn’t think of any friends of his that weren’t with me at Northwoods that morning.

Under normal circumstances,  I would likely have had a hissy-fit about not knowing where he was (control issues) but today it was okay. Today I was okay is more to the point. Yeah, I’m alright. Drove on home and found Honey here waiting with a good friend and Thai food.

See, it has been a good day.

Love you (and routine – gotta have me some routine)


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