Damn those silver linings

So, here we are.

We got Honey’s letter of termination on the 5th. Just one day after the act. Very, very efficient of BigCorp HR Dept. Unfortunately, their benefits department isn’t nearly as together and organized.

It has now been 8 days (six business days) and we have not yet recieved Honey’s benefits information. I contacted that same person from HR who heads-upped us regarding his termination. She knew who I was pretty much right away; she listened to my concerns and then proceeded to inform me that the different offices of BigCorp do not work together to get information out in a timely (for the former employee) manner. We will have coverage for 31 days after the date of termination, so we are okay until October 5. Which means that I am hustling to get EVERYTHING done that must be done before the end of this month.

I spent no less than five hours on the phone yesterday trying to gather relevant information from BigCorp and schedule appointments for each and every one of our doctors and specialists. You would be amazed at how many of them we have. I was able to find out how much COBRA will cost. To maintain the level of health insurance we currently have (employee and family) will cost roughly $1060, Honey and the boys will run about $900/month and just Honey will cost $487 and change/month. Fidelity says that we can continue his life insurance for under $200/month. Given this information, we can only afford to keep Honey on COBRA.  I’m seeing my shink and my neurologist tomorrow and then Pain Management closer to the end of the month. Will be going downtown to meet with Honey’s MD Anderson Cancer Center Neuro-Oncologist on Friday.

I’ll have to conference with my fibromyalgia specialists (neurology and pain management) to find out if  there aren’t arrangements to be made if I continue with them as an uninsured/cash-at-time-of-appointment patient or if I will need to start going to rediclinic. I need to find out if there are $4.00 prescriptions for the medicines I take. I also need to find out when there will be a generic of Lyrica available soon or if there is a trial or study that I might be eligible to join in order to help defray the cost of maintaining my  current standard of health (phew).

Because Honey had both a CatScan and MRI (with and without contrast) over the weekend, he won’t need to go to Houston on Thursday for repeat scans. I need to remember to actually get to St Luke’s pick up the MRI films – wait – I don’t think I will get films – do they still have films? (I hate when I date myself that way) Anyway – I need to go to St Luke’s and pick up Honey’s MRI (in some form) so that I can bring it with us to DrC  on Friday.

Optometrist today for both of us. I almost felt ashamed when I contacted The-Store-That-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned (you know, Voldemart) to make our eye appointments. Isn’t funny how far we fall? Just four years ago – I was singing their praises when they introduced  $4.00 generic prescriptions. I was unemployed and uninsured at the time. Huh… the more things change… I cannot justify designer eyewear prices this year and this store allows the opportunity to get designer frames at generic prices – weighing values vs finances = rough.

At any rate – I busted my hump today creating a workable schedule for the rest of this month. I was almost getting ready to take a deep breath and let the stress of the day go. I had parked my butt in the recliner, grabbed up a box of Whoppers (the original malted milk ball) and was so ready to reward myself. I had just grabbed a toothpick to try to rid my molars of masticated malted milk when I realized that  have had another tooth fall apart. It’s a back one so that is good. It is in the lower left six year molar. That is not quite as good. Not one that can simply be yanked out to solve the problem. I have no real issue with losing a 12 yr molar –  I have blown two of those already. But, damn, this one is going to take a root canal.

Good thing it happened now. I have the next three weeks to get in to see the dentist and to get this fixed. From what I understand, root canals take 3 office appointments to finish. Good thing I am not going to work right now – I have the freedom in my schedule to be able to have dental work done.

Ya know what else? I have said time and again that we have been blessed. That things happen when we are in a position that allow us to deal with them both financially and emotionally. How lucky am I that my tooth broke now and not in two weeks?

Damn those silver linings.

**Note: I wrote this last night (Wednesday) – but I literally fell asleep on the laptop before I posted. Then, I spent today running here, there and everywhere. Most of the offices in which I waited did not have wifi – really kinda surprised me. Turns out I don’t need a root canal; the tooth can be filled and he found another small cavity that needs filling. Both will be taken care of in two short weeks. Woot.

** Friday morning… At MDAnderson already. Totally fell asleep on the laptop again last night. Keep wondering why nobody has commented on this posting… Then I come over here to check it out and keep finding that weare still in draft mode here. Sorry ’bout that. Will let’ch’all know what we find out when we do.

*** As an aside – MDA is monitoring the amount of time folk wait to see their doctors today. Apparently they are trying to minimize wait time. We’ll see, maybe we will be on the road back to the woods before lunch time.

Love you (and finding silver linings)


One thought on “Damn those silver linings

  1. Dorothy Kennedy says:

    Not sure I agree with your definition of lucky, but, hey, it works for Hildra — and apparently for you, too. Sure makes my little problem (need for new glasses that will cost $800) fall into perspective.

    You are amazing.

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