Am I surprised? No. Resigned? Yes.

I told all y’all that we were supposed to have had an appointment with DrL, Honey’s (neurosurgeon) today – but that it had been cancelled due to lack of open surgery slots in the near future. We were told that Honey would be rescheduled with one of DrL’s cohorts early next week. Disappointing, but not wholly unexpected.

So, I went to this morning to check and see if a new appointment had been scheduled and if so with whom. Honey’s calendar showed that he has an appointment with DrW – a surgeon whom we met in July 2011 when he attended our appointment as DrL’s fellow or some such thing.

So, we’re good. No pre-existing plans for Tuesday morning – just gotta’ get the boy child (T) off to school and then shoot on down-town to hear what’s what with Honey’s treatment plan.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not too long a wait, I can handle it with little or no problem I think. THEN it happens. Yes, again Honey’s appointment has been cancelled – no rescheduled date/time as of yet.

SuperN says that DrC and DrL have to sit down and discuss Honey’s progress/lack thereof/whatever. She said she will call on Tuesday after DrC has had a chance to conference with DrL about Honey’s case and whether he will be a good fit for the gene-therapy trial.

I realize that this is neither positive nor negative, but I am struggling.
I don’t feel very at ease or confident about this whole thing.
I don’t feel particularly anxious or worried – but ambivalence tends to not be an emotion or state of being that I visit very often. And, it tends to be rather an uncomfortable hang-out when I find myself there.

So, SN says that she will be in touch on Tuesday. I am sure that we will have to drive the drive and wait the wait regardless of what the neuro-surgeon’s team decides to do.

I hope that the news we get is good – I pray Honey is an ideal candidate for the trial. But I am not pinning all of my dreams to that possible scenario. (There are some hopes hanging in that corner – but I have been trying to diversify and minimize my expectations in an effort to curtail my exasperation/depression.)

At any rate, just wanted to keep y’all in our loop. I’m trying to think of some platitude that works nicely here – but I got nothin’.

OH WAIT – I do have something positive to tell you. Surprised, huh? I received a phone call from the insurance office of the ISD for which I work, informing me that if I didn’t get my suppl. life insurance payment in by Friday, my policy would be cancelled. To you, this may sound like a “not good” thing. To me, it was a lifesaver. I had no idea if I was even still employed by my district because I did not sign a new contract this past summer. I was pretty sure that I was going to be spending the upcoming year bartering with various specialists to get my medical treatments and labs done. Now I know that because I have had a “life changing event”(Honey got terminated and I am losing my health insurance coverage through his work) I can get re-insured through BC/BS without having to worry about my pre-existing conditions [fibromyalgia compounded by major depression (situational)]. AND, AND,AND (wait for it…..) it will only cost in the neighborhood of $350/mo to keep me covered. This is significantly less that it would cost to put me on Honey’s COBRA. Significantly.

We have family who have offered (nay, told us they would) help with insurance costs starting in October. As a Yankee, it is super difficult to ask for or accept help (especially financial). I grew up keeping a stiff upper lip and doing everything in my power to solve my own problems. This whole accepting Grace thing has been really kinda discomfiting to me. But I am learning, and I think it makes me a better person.

And, on that note – I would like to thank my family (both blood and spiritual) for your constant support and for allowing me to struggle but being ready with a hug when I realize that I do in fact need one occasionally.

Love you. Really, really love you,

~ Me


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