Now, THAT is love.

There is so much that I have totally neglected to blog that I have a backlog list that will last well into the next week if I wrote every day.

Let’s test my hypothesis, shall we? (I love when T says things like that because it sounds so odd coming from a child who attends public school – I love T’s school by the way, they don’t let him get away with shit. I am hoping the lessons on taking work seriously stick in 2nd grade and don’t have to be revisited every year.)

Anyway – today I am choosing to write about on of the most recent events in our life. Mostly cuz it’s a true showing of what love is and also because I could use the emotional boost today.

I have a friend of 16 years who is probably the most grown up, financially wise and frugal person I have ever met. She doesn’t skimp in any of the areas that are important to her, yet she is still a GREAT saver. She takes care of herself physically, financially and emotionally ~ and has found her “the one” who helps take care of her in all the ways she didn’t know she was missing. She is another of my chosen sisters who has earned her healthy relationship the hard way – but don’t we appreciate it all the more when we have to work at it?

I think my favorite story about this friend is very telling about her personality and her value system. A number of years ago, while she was in the process of dissolving her first marriage (you know, the practice one…) she was essentially homeless for a year; she house-sat, she worked at a gym, she cleaned folks’ homes and somehow she managed to end that horrendous year $20,000 in the black. She is truly amazing and I think she should use her degree and her experience to work as a financial motivator (or some such thing).

She has faced her demons and come out of the battles a fantastically gracious woman. She is among the folk that I consider my “soul group”. You know, that group of friends and family that you still choose to hang out with when you are an actual grown-up and don’t necessarily need to spend time with people you don’t like all that much (even if you do feel a little guilty you know you have those people in your life).

I am so making this short story into an epic novel.

I received an email a week or so ago asking for my address as my darling friend wanted to send us a “Happy Family Day” card. She is so thoughtful that way…. My in-laws, Honey and I (and sometimes the boys) remember the date (10-10-10 is binary for 42, so it’s actually quite easy for us to remember [Google it]).

I love getting real mail and am going to be dreadfully saddened when all correspondence is verbal or electronically delivered. So, I was keeping an eye on the mail box looking for an envelope where my name and address were not showing through a window.

The card came. I rushed inside to give Honey his window mail and tear into my real mail. The card was wonderful – but when I opened it to read the message inside I just about lost the show. Tears streaming down my cheeks (just short of hyperventilating) I handed the card to Honey  to see.  Inside, my frugal friend had included a check with a note for Honey and I to do something fun for ourselves with.

Darling, we did have a great time on you. Thanks so much – you sent us back to Texas Renaissance Festival for the anniversary of Happy Family Day. Each of the boys also got an item to contribute to their costumes. 10 got elf-ears, 7 got a bow and quiver w three arrows and 6 got a battle-ax. Not quite sure what I was thinking when I approved the last two purchases, but there has been no bloodshed yet, so we’re okay so far

Darling you also sent me to see my TRF medium. Do you remember Shelby? I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already pretty much know, but it was very soothing to be told that I am just right where I belong right now. Ya’ know?

Love you (and you, my friend)


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