More than $8043 in just this week

lots of info – little time/space – patience is going to be a major virtue (for me from you – please).

Okay – recap: Honey terminated from BigCorp.
Thus Honey’s insurance coverage expired on 9/30/12.
Honey’s UncleH in CA paid for the first month of COBRA (I think I told y’all that Honey’s family is trying to help as they can.) And we were so on top of things, that the Bank Check H sent actually arrived before 9/30 and there should have been absolutely no gap in coverage. Right? Yeah, not.

Two days after UncleH pays BigCorp, we get a letter saying the check has been destroyed as it was made out to the third-party (COBRA Connect) rather than BigCorp. Were this a regular check, I would have been upset but would have gotten another check off immediately. However, as I stated before, this was a Bank Check. Not as easy as all that. BigCorp dumbasses essentially destroyed $500 in cash. And then expected me to be sorry. Well. I was – but not the way they wanted, I’m sure.

Called BigCorp, let my head explode all over them for a bit and got pushed up the administrative ladder to someone who was at least kinda competent to speak with me about how I should fix the (their) error in order to insure that Honey is covered without any gaps….. I was told that they would send a copy of the voided check to UncleH – so that he could get a new one and have it endorsed to BigCorp rather than COBRA Benefits. So, you would think that most of our problems are being addressed. Insurance really is the great big scary deal that I am currently totally focussed on.

So – this is where this story starts to get interesting (and borderline comical).
Yesterday morning, I had to go pick up one of Honey’s seizure medicines that I had sent for refill the day before. First thing upon arriving at the receiving counter – I was told that there was no Topimax in the building and that we would have to wait until 4:00PM for his morning meds. I was already in Mama Bear mode – so this didn’t bode well for the pharmacy tech. I asked if they didn’t have just ONE freaking pill? Or could they not have called me the day before to give me a heads-up? Tech-guy goes to check if there are any at all and comes back with a full bottle in his hand saying he just can’t understand how such a thing could happen… (These kinds of things really don’t surprise me anymore) and if I gave him just 5 minutes, he would prepare the scrip for me.

Ten minutes later he is back telling me that Honey’s insurance denied the prescription. Right, this would be because they still haven’t gotten their money in a way that works for them. Honey NEEDS this medication. Not getting it is not an option, so we paid $299 for a month’s worth of generic meds. Yeah – yeah, that’s what I said: $299 for GENERICS. No shit. Now things are starting to look like they might get a little tight… But still, we can do this. Hoo-rah.

Good on us then, meds picked up. Our good friend in driving Honey down to MDA so that he can get his MRI and be all ready for his appointment today (in which we should find out if he is a candidate for the Delta 24 Trial).

So, there I was, at home, alone, reading on my patio. Not aware that my phone, which was plugged in to charge was not doing its job either. At 2:45, another friend showed up at our house telling me to call Honey b/c there is an insurance issue with MDA and AETNA. Fucking great.

I call. I speak to Honey. He tells me insurance won’t pre-approve his MRI and wants me to give him some numbers(?) about something, something, blah, blah,blah. I have no numbers to give him because COBRA has not yet been paid for – but we do have the money in our checking accnt b/c Honey had to sell back his company stock upon termination (see how nicely these things work out for us? Silver Linings, I’m tellin’ya.). Informed Honey to put the MRI on our bank card or a credit card and that we would get reimbursed later. Not the best situation, but still do-able.

Then, I went to pick up the 7 yr old and toodled around doing some errands with him. When we got home at 4:30, Honey was already home. Crazy, b/cit normally takes an hour+ for the MRI and then another hour or so to get home from down town. He was at least 45 minutes early. so very not good.

Apparently he skipped his MRI. Either b/c he didn’t believe me about the $, or because he forgot, or because he was too frustrated to think clearly. Really doesn’t matter why this happened. What matters is trying to fix it right now.

As you know – my go to person in a bind is DrC’s SuperNurse(SN). I left a message telling her what was up and asking if we should even bother to come down to the hospital for our Friday appointment as the precursory work wasn’t done.

Now, mind, I am not angry. I don’t have the energy for angry (either that or the Valium is REALLY doing the trick for me) but I am very resigned and worn out. I don’t know how to take care of Honey if he won’t listen to me or disregards what I tell him. Ya’know?

SN called in at 7:15 this morning. She said we should still come down b/c we were supposed to meet with Dr.L (Delta24 guy) to talk about the trial. She also said that she would try to squeeze us in for an MRI somewhere today. (this is why I have time to write now – Honey is in imaging, thank God).

Dropped 7 at school, turned around, picked Honey up and headed straight away downtown for Honey’s 11:00AM appointment. We arrived at 9:15, saw DrC early and got squeezed in (literally) to an open slot in the MRI imaging center.  Oh, and by the way, do you know how much a contrast MRI costs? The receipt in my hand is for $7062.00. Blessings abound – we have just that much right now – we still have a half a tank of gas and the kids are all with their other parents this weekend. We may make it through this next month without having to sell our children. The animals may no longer be eating canned food, but the humans in the house should be okay.

It is 12:29 now, Honey’s appt w DrL is in half an hour. I will be very surprised if we make it back to the burbs in time to pick 7 up from school – so I have to start worrying about that soon. I think I will wait until two before I let the panic regarding who to ask to pick him up set in… I did at least tell him that I may not be there today and to look for a grownup that he knows (likely CJ from church) to go home with. I hate to have to do that – but I am stuck. It’s a good thing 7 loves me and is understanding of some of what I am trying to accomplish here, because I feel like he ends up being the one paying the most for all of this.

Love you (and Valium)


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