I got this big giant cup’a half-full here

I’m thinking it might be holding piss and vinegar – but it is still clearly leaning on the fuller side of the pendulum’s swing.

Also –

Morgan has been approved for the Delta 24 trial.

His operation is scheduled for 10/30

This hinges on some pretty significant caveats, however.

His platelet count is now 91, it must be over 100 for surgery. We are walking a lot to try to build those up.

His liver numbers are a little too high right now. I believe he is at 114 and he needs to be below 112. No idea what to do about this but keep him drinking lots of water.

He will also have to have another MRI prior to surgery to make sure that Blob is not growing too quickly for the virus to keep up with.

**I think if that happens, they will perform a craniotomy; remove as much tumor as they can and then inject the remaining bits of Blob with virus.

**I HOPE if this happens that the above proves to be true. **Also, with surgery comes the very real risk of permanent left side paralysis.

The current thought regarding the pain he has been experiencing in his hip/femur/knee is that the Carboplatin really did do in his marrow.

We knew this was an eventuality — but knowing about something hardly ever makes experiencing it a whole lot easier.

The situation is even a little more tense because Honey now has to be off all pain meds until surgery.

Ibuprofen was helping some – now he can’t even take Tylenol. (and Tylenol is crap for pain-killer anyway.)

There is so much to think about, so much to plan for, so much to fear. But then again – there’s not….

The surgeon’s PA wanted to be sure I was okay with the procedure. She wanted to review everything to make sure I totally understand.

Which, while I appreciate the effort, I find to be a massive waste of time.

I feel it can be broken down with just a couple of questions kinda like these:

  1. If he does not get in this trial, will he get better? (no)
  2. If he gets in the trial, might it help him to get better? (It might)

Ummm, where’s the damn paper – just let me sign and please let me go home to process.

Love you (not loving this all that much, though)


One thought on “I got this big giant cup’a half-full here

  1. Katharine Foster says:

    I am praying that everything goes well between now and surgery. Then that the surgery will be as effective as possible. Jenn, you too are in my prayers for strength and calmness. Joy

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