H’okay. We have (most of) our ducks in a row, here

Today is the 22nd of October. Surgery is scheduled for the 30th of October. That is eight days away. During this upcoming eight days, we will have a weekend so those two days don’t really count, cuz nothing much can get done on a weekend. Honey will have to be at MDA super-early on the 30th, so that really takes away another of the eight days we are starting with. So, I have essentially five days to get the rest of my ducks in my row.

On Friday (at about 4:00pm) I received a phone call from MDA saying that since Honey STILL had not been approved through AETNA’s COBRA plan, there was nothing to be done for scheduling presurgery appointments. As I had already paid up front his most recent MRI ($7000, btw) I asked if we couldn’t get on a payment plan just so that we could proceed…. I’d be willing to guess that you already know her answer was, “no.” We can however prepay for surgery – which will only be $100,000 before we include the anesthesiologist and any other incidentals.

Awesome, huh?

So there I am in tears/actively sobbing – asking the lady at MDA what I can possibly do to make things different. I have been on the phone every day – multiple times. The people at Direct Connect COBRA now recognize my voice when I call in. We chit-chat. What else can I do??? Really, tell me. I’ll do it. Really.

So, there I am, at 4:30 on Friday afternoon, wondering why it always comes down to 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, feeling totally defeated and helpless.

I think I yelled at the guy at COBRA that my husband needed this surgery and they either needed to get on their shit or deal with the fact that I would hold directly responsible for his death if he couldn’t get surgery due to their lack of timeliness. I believe I may even have dropped a few “f-bombs” in there as well. (Which, in case you were not aware is not nearly as satisfying as you would think.) I really did not think I had any anger left in me at this point. Guess I was wrong. I am a wellspring of unexpected emotional reactions.

So, having gotten no valid help from COBRA, I called AETNA and got one of the Accolade nurses (Jennifer) on the line. Have I ever mentioned how much I love our Accolade nurses? If you are covered by AETNA – get to know your Accolade nurse – they are the ones who get things done. (kinda like school custodians and the front office folk in any corporation).

Jennifer (I use her real name b/c she is my new hero – and since I don’t know her last name I figured she’d be safe from any stalkers coming off this particular blog entry) stayed on the phone with me for well over a half an hour (much of the time spent on hold) until she could actually get through to someone who could contact someone who knew someone who would still be at AETNA and could/would push Honey’s paperwork through then.

SO, since 5:15PM on Friday the 19th of October, Honey has COBRA coverage. Woot. I had an absolute breakdown. I couldn’t stop crying. This had been such an ordeal – that having it off my plate left me rather at a little bit of a loss. So – this would have been one of those good-kinda emotional breakdowns, not the scary, nutters kind of breakdown.

Still waiting for my certificate of insurability so that I can reinstate my healthcare through my school district. Good thing I took care of all my doctor appointments in September. I should be good until the end of October anyway – I might even last through mid-November barring anything unexpected (ha).

Apparently, BigCorp has not yet informed Prudential that Honey has been terminated. His life insurance still indicates that he is on long-term disability. This only caused me minor panic. I worry – especially now – about his having life insurance. Mostly b/c we’re fucked if it lapses. I don’t want to be one of those women standing at the freeway off-ramp with a sign saying, “Husband just died, can’t afford funeral. Please help.” And, yes, we do see that here – only it is usually mom who just died.

So, things are better here (stop it with that face, it’s all relative).

Oh, and speaking of relatives… Honey’s sister will be arriving from GB on Monday at 4:00 and his mom and step-dad are driving down from North Carolina within the next couple of days.

I don’t expect I am going to have much time to focus on worrying with all that will be going on. (I Hope.)

Will let everybody know anything new as it presents itself.

fingers crossed, oracle readings, prayers, good thoughts, healing light, we are taking it all.

Remember, please, in my father’s house there are many rooms. Let’s try to make sure Honey’s name is being spoken in all of them.

Love you (like you can’t begin to know)


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