Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

Allow me to go back to yesterday morning to set us up here.

I tried to blog this all yesterday (while I was sitting at MDA waiting for Honey’s MRI) but it would appear that I neglected to save about 500 words of what was happening in our world and now I need to recap when I have new stuff to tell – which sucks.

On Monday night – round about 11:00, I let my OCD kick in and went to to check Honey’s schedule. Very good thing I did. He was set up to have an MRI and blood work yesterday afternoon and then an appointment with DrL this morning to find out what his treatment plan is going to be now.

Since we already knew something would be happening for him on 10/30 – I hauled him in to vote yesterday morning. It was his first voting experience (having grown up JW, voting wasn’t on the list of things he could do. Now that he is a UU, he has a veritable responsibility to do so. He said it wasn’t a huge, monumental event or anything. (To me it was.)) He got his “I voted” sticker – he thought he could live without it – I wanted him to have the whole voting experience so I stuck one on his back on our way out.

Scurried around trying to find school pickup coverage for T. Since it was Tuesday, it was a dad day for T. Unfortunately, T’s dad could neither pick him up at school nor keep him overnight (we had to leave home at 6:30am to make it to MDA on time this morning). Fortunately, Chris-With-The-Long-Long-Hair was able to pick the boy up at school and we made it home just before 7:30pm and were able to pick him up from dad’s on time. (Good thing, too. We were given a grace period of only 30 minutes before we would have had to find an alternate pick up for the boy.)

This morning T came with us to see DrL. Because he is such an empathetic (as well as empathic) kid, I thought it would be helpful to have him hear what was going to happen from the surgeon – also, we had to leave the house at 6-freaking-30 this morning, so with us he came.

We left home on time (and mostly all awake) and drove through Whataburger for breakfast. By the time we got on the feeder road, Honey had already snapped at me and T no less than 5 times. I had to do that “pulling over on the side of the road” thang to (quietly yet firmly) let Honey know that he could stop any time. We did actually get into our appointment on time (I know, huh!) and the only sound in the car the rest of the journey was the radio. Thank goodness for the radio.

So, the news. Honey is not eligible for the Delta 24 trial. His platelet count is too low. It is still well under 100 – and we have been taking walks, even. Everything else is fine. His Liver function is now normal (but he is still not allowed to drink), vision is good, there may be some differences of opinion on well he hears, but I suppose that is true of many people. He does however have thrush now. He came off antibiotics just over a week ago, I would have expected this when he was still on antibiotics – not now.

Honey will still have his craniotomy on October 30th. They will now be doing a removal of the lesion rather than injecting it with virus (think melon baller). This will be followed up by some new treatment, we just aren’t quite sure how that will present itself. He really can’t have chemo again as his marrow is just too beat up – so we will find out after surgery what the next step will be.

There are a number of possible outcomes to this surgery. One that is most likely to occur is paralysis in the left side. This could be sensory (he won’t be able to tell where his limbs are in space) or physical to the extent that he cannot move that side. The doctor is already seeing loss of strength in that side as well as “drooping” of the left side of his face – so the paralysis is here already – but removing the golf ball in his right parietal and motor cortex will likely increase this effect.

At any rate, surgery will likely take 6 – 10 hours followed by about a day of medically induced coma while swelling/draining (ugh) is taken care of – or whatever they do during that time. Then, he will be in ICU for a coupla-few days and more than likely in some other part of the  hospital for a few more days before he is sent home.

Honey’s family will be here during the actual surgery, my mom is going to come in November.

Funny, no matter how old I get, it’s still MY mom I want when things get to be too much.  Is that a universal? There’s nothing anyone can really do to make things better – but I KNOW that if my mom were just here, things would be okay(ish). She is like magic that way.

Love you (and that Honey got to vote)


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