Fun With Hospital Forms

Well, we are back at MDA for the day.

Waited about an hour for his first appointment where they stuck peach colored foam things on his head that look like bunion pads. I will attach a photo later (if I can figure that out – it’s been a rough week thinking-wise).

Then came on over to the Mays Clinic (took the golf cart) so that Honey can get his last MRI prior to tomorrow’s surgery.

Upon arriving at the MRI Imaging center – we were given the customary forms  to fill out. I’ve done them so many times, I don’t really even need to read the questions anymore. I know where the yesses and noes go and can pretty much whip right through them. Today, I think I am a bit on the punchy side – when we got down to the questions regarding his level of comfort in the MRI machine. Their questions and my responses are as follows:

  1. Q: Can you lie flat and remain still? A: Yes, but only if you duct-tape him to the table
  2. Q: Does being in an enclosed space make you nervous or fearful? A: No, unless my wife is in there with me.
  3. Q: How can we make this experience more comfortable for you? A: Play Barry Manilow.

Wondering if they actually read the forms….

Today is Honey’s 42nd MRI. Wednesday will be his 43rd.

I am thinking of throwing him a surprise party for his 50th. What’d’ya think about that?

Will check in later today/tonight after we finish running the gamut here.

Love you (and the arcane)


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