1st post surgery update (sorry for the delay)

This will be the third time I have started this particular blog entry.

Somehow I have lost the first 2 attempts. Which is not at all that surprising all things considered. I will get to this later – right now, let me tell you how Honey’s surgery went.

It went so much better than we expected it would.

They removed a 5cm x 7cm recurrence of the original cancer from his right parietal area of the brain (that is pretty big, by the way). They got awfully close to the motor cortex (or the tumor got awfully close to the motor cortex) so there is some left side paralysis. Honey has all of his strength – he just has no feeling as to where his limbs are in space. (think when your leg is asleep BEFORE pins and needles set in).

Honey will be staying here at MD Anderson Houston (main bldg – rm P803 – phone # 713-834-8711) for at least another week for inpatient physical and occupational therapy.

He is learning how to use a walker now and he is doing a really good job. He orally reminds his limbs what they should be doing and where they should be doing it. I think this might help him to reroute the neural connections that make such tasks as walking, picking things up, wiping your butt and scratching automatic.

His scar looks so wicked cool! DrL did some reconstructive/cosmetic work on Honey’s old scar when he was in there. For any who remember, he used to have a rectangular cut with very thin skin covering over the plate. The dr filled in his divets and did a super nice job on his stitching. And, ya’know that chicks dig scars,so Honey is a pretty lucky guy in so many ways.

He’s also in a really good mood. (I blame the steroids) We have been having a great time with the nursing staff here. They may need to stop being so nice to him. I think he is beginning to realize how much better he has it here than at home…. ‘Course, these people are being paid to treat him well…

For the past couple of days, I have been running around and around and around. I went home for about 5 hours yesterday and all I got done was to put like,maybe 5 bowls and some silverware in the dishwasher and set that to clean. I made sure the animals were fed and took a shower and shaved. It was the most I have accomplished in I don’t know how long. The rest of the time I was home, I spent walking around the living room and kitchen looking for stuff that I had just had in my hand. Apparently, I would put things down and they would get sucked into the invisible black hole vortex that exists somewhere between the dining area table and the sofa in our downstairs. Four hours of looking for stuff I had just put down and half the time I couldn’t even remember what I was supposed to be looking for – and no, I never found any of my lost trinkets.

I did get around to checking the mail – finally my letter of confirmation of insurance came in. Now I will just need to make an appointment with KISD to switch up my insurance. I think mine is only going to cost about $250/month – so that is awesome. Well, awesomer than Honey’s $485-ish COBRA anyway.

ALSO – I got a wonderful goodie basket from a friend we met over the summer at OCF. She sent teabags, candles and See’s chocolates. I love her. It is always a wonderful surprise to be remembered by someone and an even greater treat when that remembering involves tangible rewards.

My brain is a little tired. I want to get up to church today, but will definitely need a short nap prior to getting on the road- so I am signing out now – there is so much more to tell – will shoot for getting back to you this afternoon.

Love you (and See’s chocolates)



2 thoughts on “1st post surgery update (sorry for the delay)

  1. Sharon Ossowski says:

    You are awesome! Honey is amazing. I am grateful that it went so well.

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