Pressure – two weeks into it

I think this should be played on a loop in the background as you devour this post. Just an opinion – but I think the juxtaposition will prove pretty cool.

Today is the two-week anniversary of Honey’s surgery. There’s so much to tell that I am pretty unsure of where to start. I’d like to start at the beginning and go on to the end – but I am much too scattered for that these days – so this is more than likely going to look like a “stream-of-consciousness” reading activity. Which may actually prove very entertaining all things considered. I am visualizing a bulleted arbitrary collection of thoughts in no particular order.

Here we go…

  • it is always COLD in this hospital room. Wicked cold. Like 70 degrees in Guam cold. That kind of unexpected cold that seems to invade your bone marrow…. You know the kind of cold that I’m talking about.
  • we (I live here, too) have an awesome nursing assistant on this floor who could be a third in the Honey and Me comedy show. She has been a hoot to have around.
  • for the most part, everyone here is great. I have never seen a staff work together as beautifully as well as MDA’s P-8 Team. And, ya know what? It makes the stay more purgatory-ish than hellish – so this is a good great thing
  • although Honey is in the same room (P803 – in case ya wanna visit), he is now under the care of the rehab team rather than surgery. He has OT, PT and Speech/Language Therapy every day this (and last) week. Apparently PT is therapy for basic/large muscle skills (walking, moving – controlling the body in its space) and OT is for things you do during everyday living (shoe putting on, getting dressed, teeth brushing, etc). Twenty plus years teaching special education and I just learned this now? While I am glad to have been enlightened – it is kinda embarrassing that I didn’t know this before.
  • Honey is doing a fantastic job with his OT, he has made super-huge progress in the past week. Last Monday, he couldn’t control his left side much at all. He certainly could not pinch or grasp anything. Today, he picked up a tissue. (It is so the little things that make such huge differences.) I will know that he has totally mastered his OT when he can pick his nose without blackening his eye.
  • PT is another challenge. He is doing a great job with his walker. He talks to his limbs – reminding them of what they are supposed to do in order to move him efficiently and safely from one place to another. My dad used to do that following  each of his hip replacements. I remember him climbing stairs saying, “up to heaven – good leg first; down to hell – bad leg first”.
  • Speech/Language is pissing him off. For my SpEd friends – you will know what I mean as I explain his issues. Because his tumor was in the right parietal area of the brain, his left side was impacted physically. His math base and problem solving skills have been hidden from him at this point. With mind/brain exercises – he can rebuild new pathways to some of the information that he is currently unable to access. He is having to do tasks that will provide a baseline for the SLP to develop a program for him (an adult IEP, if you will). These tasks include tracking (left to right) through a line of print and circling a certain word as many times as it appears in that line. He finds such juvenile work to be offensive and humiliating (I think the humiliation is linked to that fact that he is finding himself working hard to do things that used to be second nature.)
  • Honey is a much stronger person than I am.
  • I am a much stronger person than I ever thought I could be.
  • I dropped my brain somewhere along the path last week and have not yet been able to find it. Even with a list, I can’t seem to get much of anything done in the time that I am home except to walk around the downstairs looking for something – but I am not quite sure of what I am looking for – therefore, I never find it.
  • My mom arrived from California this past Saturday late night. I left MDA at 10:20 to get to the airport for her for 11:20pm arrival time. Her plane came in 20 minutes early. I kept making wrong turns because I was approaching from the south instead of north. I so totally was not there when I wanted to be, Mom had no checked baggage so she waited a bit of time for me to rescue her from IAH. I drove her to our house in The Woods – told her I had put clean linens on the boy child’s bed and turned around to go right back to MDA. She has been here three full days and I have seen her for maybe five hours total.
  • Next week is Thanksgiving vacation already. Damn.
  • Honey gets dismissed from MDA on Friday. Vacation starts on Friday. This is our year with three children over the holiday break. My mom is also here.
  • I looked forward to school breaks so much more when I was in the classroom. Vacations were even better before I had children to share them with. Ahhh, the memories. I remember being able to wake up when I got around to it, eat what and when I wanted, do absolutely nothing all day if I so desired – I remember when I lived the life my children live now.
  • I am afraid of what next week will bring my way…. maybe I need to put myself in long-term time out now.
  • Big Lots has fleece sheets for sale for $20. Can you imagine sleeping in fleecy loveliness this winter? I believe I NEED to get me some of these.
  • I recently realized that I wear yoga clothes about 70% of the time. I have never taken a yoga class. I gave up wearing my fleecy jammies outside of the house last year for Lent. It looks like I simply substituted a more acceptable form of lounge wear for public viewing.
  • I believe more and more that we actively choose the lives we live and then stumble around trying to do our best to live them well. I am not quite sure of the lesson I thought I needed learning this time around – but I hope I’m doing it right – it would suck to have to take a redo here.
  • Baxter and Kitty are having a tough time with me being gone. Kitty disappears and comes back when I am home and then he and Baxter are both trying to climb up my leg whenever I stop moving. If they were my children, I would swear they were trying to reclaim my womb.
  • Carl and Soren are pretty much content with each other. As long as there is a soft chair to sleep onand food in their bowl – they are okay.
  • There is an anole in the downstairs bathroom. Both my mom and the boy child are using the potty upstairs exclusively. I tried to return the lizard to its natural home out front, but he kamakazied off the sink to behind the toilet and then I decided if he wanted to stay in there that badly, I might as well let him. Since he is no longer on the sink – one of the twins will likely find him and I will be vacuuming up lizard legs tomorrow.
  • I am tired. No, I am weary. Maybe exhausted is the word I’m looking for. Too tired to tell for sure.
  • I love you (and lists – I really love lists)



2 thoughts on “Pressure – two weeks into it

  1. Sharon Ossowski says:

    Loved the stream of consciousness vibe. Reading your blog is like digging into a good book about a bad situation with courageous heroes, random ramblings and life lessons. Keeping both of you in my thoughts

  2. nenn1146 says:

    Lisa – you are wonderful – I actually bought the sheets on my way back up north to pick T up from school this afternoon. I will more than likely call on you for help with the kid(s) though. I think we should probably try to get TJ and T together sometime, anyway.They both seem like such independent little men. I wonder if they would enjoy being independent together?
    Our bedroom is fall colors – so I usually get something in the neighborhood of brown or russet for bedding. They were all out of the sage sheets I was looking at – so I was obligated to get the leopard print fleecy sheets.
    Made me feel kinda’ daring and metropolitan.

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