My Honey is Gone

Last night (1/22/2013 @ 11:31pm) my Honey left to pave the way for the rest of our journey. He told me he would wait for me.

He went quickly – only three hours of hell, for me; the Hospice nurse assured me that he wasn’t feeling pain. I’m sure she is right, he was pretty loaded up on morphine.

He didn’t seem afraid at all. I knew he wouldn’t be. We have talked often of the soul that this body houses. About what it means (to each of us) to BE and to be BECOMING. He has been, he is now, he is becoming always.*°

At the very end, I crammed into the bed with him and held him. A position we have shared on many of our hospital getaways, so I was really quite comfortable. Really. So comfortable that I fell asleep holding him.

Apparently this was what he had been waiting for, because he began his slumber at the same time that I did.

I remember looking at the clock at one point and thinking SK should be driving here with my mom by now. Then I rested my head on Honey’s chest and dozed off.

I woke 20 minutes later to the sound of the Hospice nurse calling in Honey’s passing. Everything else was so quiet, almost preternaturally quiet. It took just a second for me to realize that I was no longer hearing the tortured sounds of my Honey trying to breathe. He was quiet. He was peaceful.

I need to thank Cyndi and Mary for being by my side and for singing “Spirit of Life” as the end came nearer.

My Honey waited until after his family had left to return to their respective homes before he let himself rest. He worked so hard at making his death easier for everyone else… I worked so hard to make his dying easier for him. I promised I would take care of him. I did my best. It wasn’t easy, but I did my best.

I miss him so much already. I keep turning to comment on something or other and he isn’t there to laugh with me.
Sad, sad, sad.

* use of gender specific pronoun for convenience and consistency
° used as a means to pacify the UUs out there on the fringes who are correcting my lack of gender neutrality as they read